We have the most extensive range for Self-Adhesive Vinyls in the region. We have vinyl to meet the requirements of different printers and applications.

  • Printers: Special vinyls for Latex, Solvent, Eco-solvent, UV printers
  • Finishes: Matte / Gloss
  • Sizes: 1.06m, 1.27m, 1.37m, 1.52m, 2.00m
  • Durability: Promotional (up to 6 months), Intermediate (1 to 2 years) & Long Term (3 years to 7 years durability)  
  • Adhesive Color: Clear, Black & Grey color
  • Adhesive Type: Permanent and Removable

Source: USA, Germany, Korea, Taiw

Permanent Vinyls:

These are 100-micron vinyl coated with a permanent adhesive suitable for hard-to-stick surfaces and where the advertisement will stay for more than 1 year.

Removable Vinyls:

These are 100-micron vinyl coated with a low tack removable adhesive, which is suitable for easy-to-stick substrates such as walls, aluminum panels, vehicles and glass windows. These vinyls offer clean removability without leaving any adhesive residue once removed.

Ultra Clear Vinyl:

These are optically clear vinyl used for producing glass window advertisements.

Backlit Vinyl:

These are specially formulated vinyl with greater transparency and are used for making vibrant backlit advertisements such as backlit frames in malls, airports, and retail shops.

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